Estimated Website Cost

It is impossible to quote a price for a web project without understanding the scope of the project. The quick answer is it depends and without a meeting with the client and their needs this tool can only be considered in the ball park of . . . Prices for websites vary depending on what features you need, how much imagery is included and what special needs your business requires.
Pre-made template with minor customization
Customized Template
Custom Design
CMS Integration
URL Hosting
Small website (5 GB of Storage)
Medium website (15 GB of Storage)
Large website (30 GB of Storage)
Custom logo
Logo conversion
Added Features
Photo Gallery
Slide Show
Special effects (javascript/jQuery)
Basic Webform
Site Search - Google search integration
Contact form
eCommerce (shopping cart)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO analysis
Search engine submission
XML sitemap creation and submission
Metatag keyword optimization
Link building
Google Analytics integration